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national air force museum of Canada 

Daily 10am-5pm May 1-Sept 30
Wed-Sun 10am-5pm Oct 1-April 30


about the museum

The National Air Force Museum of Canada is a must-see attraction in the Quinte area. With over 75,000square feet of display space attached to a sprawling, 16-acre air park, plan to set aside a few hours totruly enjoy this aviation gem. Established in 1984, the NAFMC is dedicated to preserving and telling thehistory of Canadian military aviation. From the first powered flight on a frozen lake in Nova Scotia,through to today’s humanitarian relief missions, the Museum captures the spirit, the daring and thecourage of the Canadians who have, and are currently serving, with the RCAF.


The NAFMC and the Arrow Trail

The NAFMC is dedicated to preserving and telling the history of Canadian military aviation, from the
beginnings of flight to present day. During the Cold War, the RCAF was searching for a new type of aircraft, one that was capable of intercepting jet-powered, nuclear-armed Soviet bombers.. In this exciting new exhibit, “Pursuing Perfection: The RCAF and the Avro Arrow”, visitors will discover why and how this supersonic, all-weather interceptor was built for the RCAF, and get up close to real artefacts from the testing and building of the Arrow!



How do you test a brand new airplane concept? Recovered from Lake Ontario, this Nike Rocket was part of the Arrow testing conducted at Point Petre in Prince Edward County, where test models were launched over the lake in order to learn more about their flight at supersonic speeds.


pilot's story

Did you know there was a RCAF member who was an Avro Arrow test pilot? Discover the story of Flight Lieutenant Jack Woodman and how he came to be one of four people to ever pilot the Arrow.

coming in may 2025

explore 'The Ones We Met - Inuit Traditional Knowledge and the Franklin Expedition', on loan from the Canadian Museum of History.
South Shore Joint Initiative

220 RCAF Road, Astra, ON K0K 3W0
+1-613-965-7223 |
Daily from 10 am to 5 pm from May 1 to Sept 30 // Wed - Sun 10 am to 5 pm from Oct 1 to April 30

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