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Monarch point conservation reserve

Open Daily Year-Round


Point Petre

At Monarch Point Conservation Reserve visitors on the trail can explore the beautiful South shore of the County, hike to the remnants of the AVRO-ORENDA Jet Engine Tethered Propulsion Ring that was used to test the Arrow’s “Iroquois” jet engine, and get as close as is possible to the launch site for the free-flight test models. Experience a stunning vista of Lake Ontario, and look out over the waters where the Raise the Arrow team searched for a piece of Canadian aviation history.


Protecting the South Shore

We’re proud to help celebrate the establishment of Monarch Point Conservation Reserve, a new conservation reserve on the south shore of Prince Edward County! For the past several years Ontario Parks’ staff and community partners, like the South Shore Joint Initiative, have worked incredibly hard to establish this new protected area. This area supports many ecological, geological, recreational, and cultural heritage values. The designation will strengthen the long-term protection and health of local wildlife and ecosystems in the areas previously known as Ostrander Crown Land Block and Point Petre Provincial Wildlife Area.


Monarch Point Conservation Reserve

The name comes from the south shore of Prince Edward County being recognized as an International Monarch Butterfly Reserve as during the migration season it provides an important space for butterflies on their journey south. Monarch Point is also recognized as a globally significant Important Bird and Biodiversity Area protecting several species at risk, such as turtles, a provincially significant wetland, and a globally rare alvar ecosystem. The plants found here are uniquely adapted to handle the harsh conditions of flooding and drought that can take place from the shallow soil over bedrock.

coming in may 2025

explore 'The Ones We Met - Inuit Traditional Knowledge and the Franklin Expedition', on loan from the Canadian Museum of History.
South Shore Joint Initiative

Point Petre in Prince Edward County, ON
Tuesday 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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